A guest list of 100+ or maybe increase it to 500+ . A painful procedure when it comes to making travel details of your guests, planning their details of arrival, departure, their local inland travel ??? Leave to us and rest well, we with an expertise in hospitality and team of expertise in travel would be more than happy to help you with discounts, bulk bookings, car rentals, local transfer, recievings and send offs. Sorted isnt it ???


'The guest is equivalent to God' is the motto which we primarily follow and it has been a reason of a run away success story. Mirage has an all dedicated team just to make sure your guest are "home away from home" where ever they are. 24 x 7 services, personalized services, professional services and more to offer when you choose us. Leaving you with peace of mind to follow up on every guest. So started liking us already ???


We totally understand that every guest of yours needs to be treated on every step of your event, so that the stories of the wedlock is spoken 7 oceans across. We rightfully handle all logistics when it comes to us. Right from in-room hampers to welcoming them with garland. Right from handling a store which would replenish anything your guest requires or handling a 24 x 7 concierge/helpdesk for your guests. We have the mightiest team to handle all of it when it comes to logistics. Impressed already???


When it comes to service, we always aim at delivering the very best. This includes vast tie ups with the best in business of food making assisted by our exclusive F&B team. Keeping in mind the individual needs of your guest, we offer a vast array of cuisine selections. Right from Panipuri to Italian pizza. We get it cooked all correct !!! And to quench your thirst, we have the best bartenders and bar makers to serve your favorite poison. Bon Appetit!!!


The wedding bell is always rolled open with festivities and no festivity is complete without entertainment. Local acts from across the globe to the celebs you always dreamt of having on your wedding are right about ready to perform. Sounds like a dream…Wake up!!! We just meant what we said. Mirage being one of the biggest artist management companies in India, boasts of the biggest line ups right from local entertainers to world famous DJs, VJs, Instrumentalists to make sure the enjoyment never ends. And to top the icing on the cake, we have a database of the best celeb singers/actors/performers for your dream wedding and again as we say it…at the best prices… You still thinking….ok we give you more reasons not to think anymore….


Selecting the venue for a perfect wedding has always been a factor, where you find in numerous options. We at Mirage are right here to assist you with it. With our database of the best locales and hotels across India and Globe, we have the right choices for you. Choose a venue of your dream and we organise accordingly. "MEETINGS, NEGOTIATIONS AND FINALIZATIONS " We do it …THE WAY YOU WISH!!! Sounds simple …


A perfect evening needs a perfect setup and a perfect wedding needs an immaculately perfect ambience. We have the best of audio and visual engineers in the business who studies every minute detail of your venue to make sure that the perfect "EXPERIENCE". We excel in production services and have acclaimed vendors around India and Globe who are ready to commit to the crime of providing the best !!! Lustful proposition isnt it??? We just have more for you…